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Conveyancing is the legal process required to transfer the title and ownership of a property from one person (or entity) to another.

Conveyancing services play a crucial role in all property-related transactions. Our responsibilities include overseeing the legal and administrative aspects of the process. A critical element of our conveyancing service is the preparation and review of all of the legal documents.

A Contract of Sale is a complicated and complex document and you must ensure that all of the information contained therein reflects the terms of the transaction in its entirety. Drafted correctly, the contract can minimise risk and prevent any misunderstanding or dispute from arising.

The Conveyancing and settlement process is an elaborate yet fundamental part of buying or selling a property consisting of both administrative and financial obligations on all parties. You should ensure that your conveyancer or legal representative is suitably qualified and experienced to make certain your experience is seamless.  

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When purchasing a property, the whole experience can be overwhelming.

That is why at Premier Conveyancing Group Pty Ltd we take the time to guide you and explain the process each step of the way. Buying a property, whether it is your first home, an investment property, or you are upsizing or downsizing is such a momentous time, and we will take the burden and stress from you, taking care of all of the legal sides of the matter.

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Once you have decided to sell your property, you will need to have a Vendor Section 32 Statement prepared. The property cannot be sold by your nominated agent until this document is prepared. It is in your best interest to arrange the Vendor Section 32 Statement as soon as possible as there can be delays in culminating all of the required information. The document is a Statement as required by law to include information to a prospective buyer.
  • You need to include information relating to:
  • Financial Information regarding rates and charges payable
  • Owner Builder disclosure and associated insurance
  • Land Use and Planning information
  • Notices/Orders/Declarations/Reports or Recommendations
  • Building Permits
  • Owners Corporation information (if applicable)
  • Title/Plan
  • Encumbrances
  • Due Diligence checklist As an owner/seller of property in Victoria, it is a legal requirement that you disclose any “material fact” relating to the property.

A material fact is a fact that would be important to a potential purchaser in deciding whether or not to buy any land. In the context of a proposed sale of land, a material fact is one that influences a purchaser in deciding whether or not to buy any land at all, or to buy land only at a certain price. If you believe that there is any information that should be disclosed to a potential buyer, please discuss same with our office to ascertain.

It is important to note that in most cases a contract is required for the transfer of a property in Victoria.

The contract outlines the terms and conditions of the transaction including the price and other relevant details. It is also important to seek proper advice before attempting to transfer a property without a contract to ensure all legal obligations have been met.

There are certain circumstances where a property may be transferred without a contract . These can include:

  1. Transfer by Court Order – In some cases, a Court may order the transfer of property from one party to another. This could be due to a divorce settlement or seperation or other legal dispute.
  2. Transfer by Will – If the owner of a property has passed away and has left a Will, the property may be transferred to the designated beneficiary without a contract. The Will must be probated by the Supreme Court of Victoria and the transfer of the property must be recorded with the Land Titles Office.
  3. Transfer by Intestacy – If the owner of a property has passed away without leaving a will, the property may be transferred to their next of kin according to the laws of intestacy Again, the transfer must be recorded – careful with the Land Titles Office.
  4. Transfer by Adverse Possession – In rare cases, a person may be able to claim ownership of a property through Adverse Possession. This occurs when the person has occupied and used the property as if it were their own for a certain period of time (usually 15 years) without the permission of the legal owner. Subdivisions – Undertaking a subdivision can be a complicated process so it is important to obtain advice from a team of professionals including a licenced conveyancer or lawyer, town planner and land surveyor. They can guide you through the process and requirements regarding the preparation of draft subdivison that shows the proposed lots, the new boundaries and any easements or restrictions that need to be put in place.


Assistance with planning permission from local council is crucial to ensure that all legal requirements are met. Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) – Buying or selling property in a SMSF requires a professional with the knowledge and expertise as it involves strict regulations and requirements – careful consideration of legal, financial and taxation issues need to be addressed to avoid penalties or legal issues. Property Development – It is important to engage with professional advisers who are experienced in property law and have a good understanding of the market to help ensure that the sale process runs smoothly and that all legal requirements are met. Lost Title Applications – If you have lost the title to your property in Victoria, you will need to apply for a replacement title – This can be a time consuming and costly process.

We can assist you with all of the requirements and necessary documentation to enable the application to be completed correctly. FEES At Premier Conveyancing Group Pty Ltd, we understand that our clients value transparency and certainty when it comes to the cost of their conveyancing services.

That is why we offer a fixed fee service for our conveyancing work. However, we do not provide the actual fee on our website for a number of reasons. The cost of conveyancing can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the complexity of the transaction and the specific requirements of the client.

By not providing a fixed fee on our website, we can ensure that each client receives a quote that is tailored to their specific needs. To obtain a quote for our conveyancing services, please contact us directly or complete our online quote request form.

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